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Ongoing Events
Weekly Prime Disarray: Sea of Rust
May 19 - May 25 PDT
At the start of each player's turn, do 1 damage to each of their characters. This cannot be mitigated by effects like Ultra Magnus Armor.
Upcoming Events
Jun 5 - Jun 23 PDT
The culmination of Season 2! The Omega Invitational is the season finale for our tournaments. This is an invite-only tournament based on [LINK=/tournaments/standings]Season... [Read More]
Weekly Prime Directive: Enhanced Armament Collection
May 26 - Jun 1 PDT
You must have four copies of any Upgrade in your deck. So if you have Grenade Launcher, you need to have four copies of it, no more no less.
Card of the Day
May 25, 2024
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Weekly events begin this Sunday
April 5, 2024
Starting this coming Sunday, we will have a weekly challenge that we're calling the Weekly Prime Directive, or WPD for short.

Inspired by our older Open Play Night, you will have the entire week to play a a best-of-3 match with the WPD. We do prefer games are played on Discord rather than in person, but that won't be strictly enforced.

Once you've completed your match, you (or your opponent) can go to transformers.cards/wpd to report your game. The other player will receive a notification to confirm that they played the game, and once they do you will both receive Shanix25.

"Why do we need to confirm?"
It's a small measure to help dissuade cheating the system. The point of WPDs is to get people playing with each other, so don't want people simply clicking a "yup, I played, now give shanix" button.

"Can I play multiple matches in a week?"
Absolutely! However, you will only receive shanix for your first match. If one player already received shanix and the other hasn't, then only the one who hasn't will receive it.

"Where can I see the next Weekly Prime Directive?"
Next week's WPD will be displayed on the site's front page on Thursday.

"Does it matter how I play?"
Nope! Play on webcams, TTS, OCTGN, play in person even! We just ask that you make a good faith effort to stream it in the community Discord when possible.
Some small updates
March 21, 2024
• When viewing a list of cards, Banned cards will have a red background like they do when viewing the card's page. Likewise, Beta cards will have a yellow background.
• Decks with Nightracer & Stealth Mission will no longer be flagged as having too many ★ if they have 1-2★ worth Secret Actions in their deck.
• When viewing a deck and sorting it be wave, it will ignore whether the cards are in deck/sideboard/out of game. This should make pulling cards from your collection easier.
New video from Servants of the Dice Gods
March 10, 2024
Transformers TCG: The Meta for Season 2 Encounter 6
TFcon Promotion
March 6, 2024
We're going to be at TFcon LA this weekend! There will be open play in the Transformers TCG room all weekend. Saturday morning at 10:00 is the Transformers TCG panel. Also Saturday, we'll be holding a raffle at 2:30 & 6:30 giving away full sets. There will also be smaller giveaways throughout the day.

All members who sign up before TFcon will receive Shanix20 if they create a new deck during the convention. Please note that this Shanix20 is not instant, and will be will be given out in the days following the convention.
Store update
March 5, 2024

New items have been added to the Shanix Store!

Wave 2S: Bumblebee vs. Megatron Starter Set for Shanix100
2019 Promo Smashdown for Shanix20
2020 Promo Arcana for Shanix20
2020 Promo Tidal Wave for Shanix60 (all three components of Tidal Wave)
2020 Promo Perceptor & Convex for Shanix50 (Perceptor & Convex)
Doubledealer (Thrilling 30) for Shanix300
Core Shockwave (Studio Series Bumblebee) for Shanix60

All those items were all very generously donated by Matafer!

Additionally, the following items have had their price lowered:
Ironhide (Movie Masterpiece) lowered to Shanix1000
Ultra Magnus (Kingdom) lowered to Shanix300
Galvatron (Kingdom) lowered to Shanix300
Silverstreak (Buzzworthy Bumblebee) lowered to Shanix120
New video from Servants of the Dice Gods
February 29, 2024
The Emperor Has Arrived! | Transformers TCG | "Serious" Competition Episode 72
Wave 9A: The Shadow Emperor is released!
February 26, 2024
We're happy to announce that our newest subset, Wave 9A: The Shadow Emperor, is released! Scorponok enters the battle and is bringing some of his gear.

Scorponok starts with Lord Zarak attached as his head. Before the game begins, you can equip him with his Electro-Stinger to have some Pierce, or you can leave it in your deck in hopes that you can equip it for the 2 damage.

Scorponok can equip two copies of Imperator Claw, giving him the ability to do 2 damage to all of his enemies. What's more, any non-Autobot can equip a claw, while Decepticon Decepticon Titans Titan can equip two! Just be careful, as the damage hits all characters with fewer stars.

Zarak Shield gives Scorponok +2 , but more importantly it gives Zarak a force field that can't simply be broken by damage, prolonging how long he stays on the battlefield.

We're very happy to finally have this guy out there! Now, if only there was a big event to use him in... stay tuned!
New video from Servants of the Dice Gods
February 24, 2024
Crosshairs's Redemption Arc | Transformers TCG | "Serious" Competition Ep 71
New video from Servants of the Dice Gods
February 15, 2024
Boom or Bust: The Match | Transformers TCG | "Serious" Competition Ep 70
New video from Servants of the Dice Gods
February 15, 2024
Boom or Bust: The Match | Transformers TCG | "Serious" Competition Ep 70