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Compact Shield
Wave 3: Siege I
Number: 012
Upgrade - Armor
+1   Autobot
Put on Autobots only.
Relevant Rulings
Some cards refer to Autobots or Decepticons. How do I know which characters are Autobots?

Autobots have a red frame and the Autobot insignia in the lower right corner. Decepticons have a purple frame and the Decepticon insignia in the lower right corner. A few characters have "Autobot" or "Decepticon" in their names, although these aren’t the only Autobots and Decepticons.
Source: Wizards of the Coast (2018-10-11)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Autobot, Decepticon
Can I have more than one of the same Upgrade on the battlefield?

Yes. Upgrades aren’t unique. You could have two characters each with the same Weapon, for
Source: Wizards of the Coast (2018-10-11)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Upgrade
Some Upgrades say "Put on [something] only." How does that work?

These abilities describe what kind of character the Upgrade can be put on. This is usually a trait such
as Melee, Plane, or Insecticon. An Upgrade can be put on a character only if that character matches the
listed requirement.
Source: Wizards of the Coast (2018-10-11)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Upgrade
Let’s say I have an Upgrade that says "Put on Planes only" and I put it on a Plane. But then next turn I
flip the Plane to its other mode, and it’s no longer a Plane. What happens?

The Upgrade stays with the character it’s on. That ability limits only what the Upgrade can initially be
put on. Once that happens, the Upgrade doesn’t check again.
Source: Wizards of the Coast (2018-10-11)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Upgrade
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Deck Traits: Autobot Aerialbot Plane Ranged Helicopter Specialist
Deck: 40🂠 25★ | Sideboard: 0🂠 0★ Added by danlomb Modified on Oct 21, '21

Air Raid 5★
Fearless Flyer
Alpha Bravo 5★
Airborne Special Ops
Fireflight 5★
Sky High Recon
Silverbolt 5★
Aerialbot Leader
Skydive 5★
Air Warfare Specialist

Regular Actions
3 Bombing Run
1 Incoming Transmission
1 Leap Into Battle
1 Repair Bay
1 Supercharge
3 Aerialbot Enigma
1 Escape Route
2 Field Repair
1 Pep Talk
1 Rest and Relaxation
1 Steady Shot
1 Two-Pronged Attack
1 Fight For Position
3 Handheld Blaster
1 Piercing Blaster
1 Primary Laser
2 Aerialbot Formation
1 Backup Beam
1 Erratic Lightning
1 Anticipation Engine
1 Armored Plating
1 Force Field
3 Improvised Shield
1 Reinforced Plating
1 Bashing Shield
1 Compact Shield
2 Aerial Recon
1 Crash Landing
1 Minor Medic Kit
Deck Stats
18 action cards
  18 regular action cards
  0 secret action cards
  0 rolling action cards
22 upgrade cards
  10 weapon cards
  8 armor cards
  4 utility cards

Battle Icons in Deck
17 icons on 14 cards (35%)
18 icons on 15 cards (38%)
4 icons on 4 cards (10%)
7 icons on 7 cards (18%)
5 icons on 4 cards (10%)
1 icons on 1 cards (3%)
Battle Simulator
Set Tough/Bold:
Likelihood of Flipping
+2 Bonus Flip: 20%
Aerialbot Enigma: 18%
Backup Beam: 6%
Bashing Shield: 6%
Escape Route: 6%
Rest and Relaxation: 6%
Sets Used In Deck
Wave 1: 20 cards
Wave 2: 19 cards
Wave 3: 4 cards
Wave 4: 2 cards