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Stop the Tax and Spend!
Junkion Nancy, Just Say No to Sparkplugs!
Wave 8: Waste|Lands (ver 1.0)
Number: 35
Concept by Team Bayformers
If an opponent's character would cause you to scrap 2 or more cards from the top of your deck while you have Junkion Nancy, Just Say No to Sparkplugs! on the battlefield 🠪 Instead you may scrap only the top card of your deck.
Relevant Rulings
When do you choose to add stratagems out of your sideboard? When declaring characters or when sideboarding battlecards?

Stratagems are played concurrently with the starting team for a game. This is required otherwise cards like Master Converter and Aerial Enhancements would not effect the starting team, leading Windsweeper to be sad when Blitzwing and Tracks don't count as Planes.
Source: Aequitas (2021-01-03)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Stratagem
Does a stratagem changing the attack/defence of a character change the base values for the character?

No. For example, if Private Pteraxadon’s Binary Edgewing Scythe upgrade mode removes the base defense from a defending Windblade, Combiner Hunter, it would not remove the +1 from the Camien Toughness stratagem.
Source: Aequitas (2022-08-23)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Stratagem
How many stratagems can I play?

You can play up to one stratagem for each different character, trait, or faction listed on the stratagem, as long as your starting team includes that character, trait, or faction. For example, if your starting team is all Autobots and includes Optimus Prime - Legendary Warrior, you can play both Heroic Spotlight and Duty & Honor.
Source: Wizards of the Coast (2020-05-09)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Stratagem
Where do I put my stratagems?

Stratagems go on the battlefield. At the beginning of the game, as you reveal your team, you also reveal your stratagems.
Source: Wizards of the Coast (2020-05-09)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Stratagem
Some stratagems have an ability that causes them to flip. What does that mean?

Flipping a stratagem essentially turns its ability off. This happens on one-time abilities to remind you that you've already used them.
Source: Wizards of the Coast (2020-05-09)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Stratagem
Does a stratagem count as a card in my deck of battle cards?

No. Stratagems are never put into your deck.
Source: Wizards of the Coast (2020-05-09)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Stratagem
Can I put stratagems in my sideboard?

Yes. Each one counts as one of your ten battle cards in the sideboard.
Source: Wizards of the Coast (2020-05-09)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Stratagem
How should Stratagems be treated when using a W5 pack in Turbo?

Treat it like a regular star card.
Source: Wizards of the Coast (2020-06-10)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Stratagem, Turbo Rules
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Deck Traits: Quintesson Tank Truck Ranged Junkion Vehicle Motorcycle Melee Leader Specialist
Deck: 51🂠 35★ | Sideboard: 0🂠 0★ Added by Hawkhammer Modified on Jun 2, '22

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Regular Actions
1 Security Checkpoint
1 The Bigger They Are
1 Treasure Hunt
1 Heavy-Handed
1 Leap of Faith 1★
1 Battlefield Scan
1 Calculated Strike
1 Steady Shot
1 Camien Crash
1 Counterespionage
1 Supporting Fire
1 Depower-Linx
1 Relax With a Cold One!
Secret Actions
1 Hidden Fortification
1 Hijack
1 Sabotaged Armaments
1 Stable Cover
1 Hold the Line
1 Tetrinite Micro-Lining
1 Turnabout Snare
1 Ninety Day Warranty!
1 Patrol the Perimeter
Rolling Actions
1 Lie in Wait
1 Revving Up
3 Spread Democracy!
1 Armed Hovercraft
1 Drill Arms
1 Energon Axe
1 Handheld Blaster
1 Laser Cutlass
1 Unflinching Courage
1 Fusion Borer
1 Industrial-grade Phase Charge
1 Photon Charge
1 Armor Axe
1 Mecha Star
1 Armored Plating
1 Reinforced Plating
1 Sparring Gear
1 Smoke Cloak
3 Hodgepodge Panoply
1 Heroism
1 Metal Detector
1 Minor Medic Kit
1 Pocket Processor
1 Enhanced Power Cell
Deck Stats
27 action cards
  13 regular action cards
  9 secret action cards
  5 rolling action cards
23 upgrade cards
  11 weapon cards
  7 armor cards
  5 utility cards

Battle Icons in Deck
2 icons on 2 cards (4%)
29 icons on 26 cards (51%)
3 icons on 3 cards (6%)
10 icons on 9 cards (18%)
21 icons on 20 cards (39%)
5 icons on 5 cards (10%)
Battle Simulator
Set Tough/Bold:
Likelihood of Flipping
+2 Bonus Flip: 11%
Sparring Gear: 5%
Battlefield Scan: 5%
Metal Detector: 4%
Hijack: 4%
Pocket Processor: 4%
Counterespionage: 4%
Hold the Line: 4%
Revving Up: 5%
Sets Used In Deck
Wave 1: 9 cards
Wave 2: 4 cards
Wave 3: 6 cards
Wave 4: 7 cards
Wave 5: 7 cards
Wave 6: 3 cards
Wave 8: 20 cards
Wave 9: 1 cards
Primus Pack 1: 1 cards

Notes from Hawkhammer:
"Primus Deck. Signatures are Hodgepodge & Spread Democracy"