Energon Axe Backup Beam Espionage Handheld Blaster Inverted! Secret Dealings Vaporize Work Overtime Smoke Cloak Steady Shot Head-On Collision Pocket Processor Scouting Mission Angolmois Surge Rapid Response Cycle Patrol the Perimeter Particle Cannon of Galvatron Stormfall Sword This is Bad Comedy
Allicon Aronik Crashbash Mind Control Helmet Galvatron Kneel Before Us
Point-Defense System Spy Satellite Uplink Tripwire Turnabout Snare This is Bad Comedy Motormaster
Equipment Enthusiast Force Field System Reboot Backup Beam Escape Route Surprise Attack Kinetic Converter Kinetic Intensifier Whip Hit and Run Hold the Line Turnabout Snare Hand of Adaptus Lagartan Spaulders