Armed Hovercraft Collateral Damage Data Bank Disarm Drill Arms Force Field Heroism Inspiring Leadership Photon Bomb Piercing Blaster Reinforced Plating Salvage for Parts Security Checkpoint System Reboot Team-Up Tactics The Bigger They Are Bashing Shield Bravery Defensive Driving Fog of War Inferno Breath Marksmanship Pep Talk Scoundrel's Blaster Smelt Vaporize Dismantling Claw Erratic Energy Grenade Laser Cutlass Backfire Decipher Kinetic Converter Medic's Protective Field Pocket Processor Reprocess Grav-Inhibitor Handheld Blaster Holomatter Projector Magnetic Dysfunction Ray Tripwire Polarity Gauntlet Stim Shock Diffraction Sword Lagartan Spaulders Lie in Wait Well-Worn Armor
Motormaster Torox Autobot Gears Nightbird Raider Brunt
TTC-HD Turret Armor TTC-HP Oblivio Launcher