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S2 Omega Invitational Profile: Z-R0E
June 1, 2024

We'll be posting a player interview twice a day during the lead up to the Season 2: Omega Invitational, happening on June 7th.

Tournament Statistics

First Round Opponent: Jihen

Tournament Bracket Seed: 6

Season 2 Results: 4th place in Encounters 2 & 6. 5th in Encounter 4. 7th in Encounter 1. 10th in Encounter 3. 13th in Encounter 5.

Number of Tournaments Played: 20

Player Interview

Where are you from?
The box in California

When and how did you discover the Transformers TCG?
I discovered the game from TFW2005. I bought a bunch of Wave 1 just to collect the cool art, but the excitement Vangelus & Aaron on WTF@TFW had for the game is what got me to play.

What was/is your favorite team to run and why?
During the Energon Invitational in 2019, I overheard someone talking about an all white Mirage deck. I came home and played around with the idea right away. Its variants are still my favorite decks to play. It has such a different feel from the rest of the game, and can perform moderately well for being such a weird niche deck.

When and how did you discover the post-cancellation community?
I was already running a precursor version of Transformers.cards back then, and very involved in my local TFTCG community, so I read it from WotC soon as it was announced. I've tried to use my site to help support the game ever since.

Who's your favorite Transformers character and why?
G1 Scorponok is probably my favorite due to nostalgia. As a child, I'd go to bed with it like a kid would with a teddy bear. If I put nostalgia aside, Predaking has my favorite design, and Super Ginrai/Powermaster Optimus Prime has my favorite kind of toy gimmick.

What's your favorite card and why?
Sky Shadow is still my favorite card. He has so many gimmicks to him, from being a combiner, a headmaster, having a stratagem.

Do you have any advice for players who want to get into the competitive scene or the TCG in general?
The best way to get into the TFTCG in general is to join the discord and just start chatting with us. We're always happy to teach new people, and chat about Transformers while we do.

If you want to get better at the game though, just play. That's the best way to improve. Then, when you want to get even better, play more.

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