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About Us & This Site
About our team
Allied Crossplay started as a handful of community members working together to ensure their cards were compatible with each other. Now joined together as one team, we have spent more than three years continuing the TFTCG. We've released four new sets in that time, with more still in active development. We also have regular events & tournaments, and we have a very active Discord community. With more than ten members on our team covering everything from design to production, Allied Crossplay has picked up where Wizards of the Coast left off.
The purpose of this site
Originally called Teletraan1.net, Transformers.cards was made to be as helpful as possible with the Transformers TCG and act as a central hub for game. It has a deck builder with a built-in Battle Simulator, you can use it to track & share your card collection, and it contains a wealth of information for the game. Transformers.cards is also the home of Allied Crossplay, the community-made team that's lead the way in continuing the game.
Allied Crossplay Members
Community Lead: Zero
Development Coordinator: Jihen
Head Judge: Technomagus
Project Managers: Technomagus, Hawkhammer, Ozzy
Game Designers: Vangelus, Tankhunter48, Wheeljank, KingNaga, Matafer, EvilGem096
Card Production: MikeComicMan

Program Developers
Webste & OCTGN Mod: Zero
Tabletop SImulator Mod: Veral

Previous Designers
The Energon Hustler, LegendaryVoid, nismojoe, Don Pedro X, francist, billmoo, sandman, ScorpX7, Siliag, SaltyN7, WrecknRuleBrian

Gone, but Never Forgotten
Wes, Eddie
Thank Yous from Zero
Racy: A long time friend of mine who was my primary beta tester in the site's infancy.

Jihen: A great guy who has given me a number of ideas for the site, and was extremely helpful in letting me use the Aequitas FAQ.

billmoo: Lead of Team Bayformers, billmoo is the one who united multiple groups into one cohesive unit following the game's cancellation, leading to the creation of Allied Crossplay.

Vangelus & Aaron: Two of the WTF@TFW hosts. Their enthusiasm for the game is very responsible for transitioning me from collecting this game to playing it.

Veral: Not only does she curate the TTS card database, but she's found more errors and typos on cards than I could even count, and done a tremendous job at reviewing what I've put up.

Myriad: The original creator of Transformers.cards, which influenced the early days of this site's predecessor, Teletraan1.net. He graciously gave us this domain to use.

I also want to give a very large thank you to everyone who donated to help upgrade Transformers.cards' web server: GrizzlyGiblets, Silverghst22 & The Alpha Trion Protocols, Palmer, billmoo, Butter, MikeMash62, and The Energon Hustler
Fan Content Policy Compliance
This site, and all content within it (including cards) falls under Wizards of the Coast's Fan Content Policy. Allied Crossplay remains committed to keeping this game going by adhering to those fan policies.