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Download Card Sets
Choose which set you'd like to download, and what format you'd like it. The PDFs do not have bleed, and are typically meant for printing at home or places like Office Depot. The ZIPs are individual images with bleed, and intended for professionally printed cards.
Bleed is extra area added around the card that is cut off during professional printing on to cards.

Looking for tips on how to print these? There's a guide for that!
Waves 1-5
Wave 1: Wave One PDF ZIP
Wave 1A: Metroplex PDF ZIP
Wave 1C: 2018 Convention Pack PDF ZIP
Wave 1S: Autobot Starter PDF ZIP
Wave 1E: Energon Edition PDF ZIP
Wave 2: Rise of the Combiners PDF ZIP
Wave 2A: Devastator PDF ZIP
Wave 2S: Bumblebee vs Megatron Starter PDF ZIP
Wave 3: Siege I PDF ZIP
Wave 3A: Blaster vs Soundwave PDF ZIP
Wave 3A-35: Blaster vs Soundwave: 35th Anniv. PDF ZIP
Wave 3C: 2019 Convention Omnibots Pack PDF ZIP
Wave 4: Siege II PDF ZIP
Wave 4A: Trypticon PDF ZIP
Wave 5: Titan Masters Attack PDF ZIP
Wave 5A: Fortress Maximus PDF ZIP
Waves 6-9
Wave 6: World Strike PDF ZIP
Wave 7: Monster Menagerie PDF ZIP
Wave 8: Waste Lands PDF ZIP
Wave 9: Ark Exodus PDF ZIP
Wave 9A: The Shadow Emperor PDF ZIP
Outlier Sets
Outlier 1: Unicron Raid PDF ZIP
Other Downloads
OCTGN & Mods
OCTGN is free to download on their website. Transformers.cards has its own mod for OCTGN which includes all cards on Transformers.cards, including community sets. The feed is https://www.myget.org/F/teletraan but if you need help setting things up, Transformers.cards has an OCTGN guide.

Tabletop Simulator & Mods
Tabletop Simulator can be bought & downloaded from Steam.
Once you have Tabletop Simulator installed, you'll want to download two mods.
Transformers TCG The Card Game: This is the mod people use to actually play the game:
Transformers TCG Deck Building: Maintained by Veral, this is for those who want to build/edit their deck within TTS itself.
If you need help with any of these, Transformers.cards has a TTS guide.