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Printing Cards
You primarily have two choices when it comes to printing cards (community set or otherwise). The first, cheapest, and easiest option is to print them on your home printer or at a office supply store like Staples. If you want something more substantial but costs more, you can also get them professionaly on card stock.

Looking to download ready-to-print cards? They're right here!
At Home & Office Printing
First, get the cards you want to print. You can get one of our full-set PDFs from the Downloads section, or a PDF of any deck.

If you want cards right now and quality doesn't matter, go ahead and just print them on your home printer! No one will be upset if your quality isn't perfect. So long as it's in color and close to the right size, it's fine!

Alternatively, if you want something a little nicer, you can print them at a place like Staples or Office Depot. Their printers will give a nicer finish than most home printers, and makes the final card look VERY convincing.

In either case, make sure "Keep Size" is selected, you don't want them to scale this down at all.

Once everything is printed, take some scissors and spend some time cutting them out. When you have the cards cut out, get an opaque sleeve and sleeve the battle cards over an existing card (doesn't even have to be from the TFTCG!). It'll look very much like a real card, and nearly unnoticeable thickness wise.

For character cards you can simply put them in a top loader together, or even glue or tape the two sides back-to-back.

Card Stock
If you'd like to print on thick, high quality paper, we suggest 120 lb / 325 GSM paper. You can find some on Amazon. This might have trouble printing on some home printers, but you should be fine to use it at most office supply stores.

This paper is great for characters, as you don't need to print very many of them nor worry about trying to perfectly line-up with the back side. We wouldn't recommend this for battle cards, as the cost & effort isn't worth versus professional printing.
Professional Printing
If you wish to have copies that feel and handle like the real deal, then you'll need to get them professionally printed. This can be pricey! Especially for character cards since they're larger, and double-especially if you want the metallic foil.

We use MakePlayingCards.

First, you will need a ZIP from our Downloads section. These ZIPs have individual images with bleed. There will be a single copy of the battle card back-side in the ZIP. Stratagems will have their appropriate back-side too.

All characters also have a front & back, and the files in the ZIP are named according to the game itself. That is to say, the side with stars is the front. Usually this means alt-mode is front, bot-mode is back. This also means that usually the back-side is the foiled-side.

MPC does not see things this way. The front side is the foiled side. Usually this just means putting the back of a character as the front on MPC, however becareful with some characters such as single-mode characters and combiners, where their foiling is different.

For sizes, select 2.48"3.46" (63x88mm) for battle cards, stratagems, and small characters. For standard-sized characters, select 3.5"5" (89mm127mm). MPC currently does not have an easy way to print titan-sized characters, and you will need to contact them directly to order some.

Card stock: S33 Superior Smooth
Print type (battle & stratagems): Full color print
Print type (characters): Holographic (front)
MPC Game card finish
Booklets: None
Packaging: Shrink-wrapped