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Game FAQs
What size of sleeves should I use? What brand?
This image shows the three card sizes. For battle cards (and stratagems & small characters cards), any typical TCG sleeve/top loader/binder page will work. These are the same size as MTG or Pokemon cards.

For character cards, Ultimate Guard makes precise fit inner sleeves. After that, you have some choices. Ultra Pro makes some outer protector sleeves, and those will fit in the UltraPro top loaders. UltraPro also makes some 4-Pocket binder pages that will hold their outer sleeves, but will not hold their top loaders.

BCW also makes top loaders, and those will (barely) fit in the BCW 4-pocket binder pages. However, UltraPro outer sleeves will not fit in BCW top loaders.

So in short, if you want your top loaders in binder pages, go with BCW. If you want to double-sleeve in a top loader, go UltraPro. In either case, the Ultimate Guard inner sleeves will work.

For the large bots, BCW makes both inner sleeves and top loaders. These are both a little big, but are the best readily available option.

What about boxes? What box can hold character cards and battle cards?
Many players use the BCW boxes that were designed specifically with the Transformers TCG in mind.

What cards should I buy? Where from?
There is a Transforers TCG Buy/Sell/Trade group, and that should usually be your first stop. Additionally, Wreck'n Rule have began writing a buyer's guide. You can find links to each of their guides below. This is an ongoing project of theirs, so not all sets are covered yet.
Buyer's Guide: Wave 1 Super Rares
Buyer's Guide: Wave 1 Rares

Where do I find people to play with?
The Transformers TCG Discord is the main Discord server for the game and has players of all caliber. They use Tabletop Simulator, OCTGN, and webcams to play.
The Transformers Trading Card Game is the largest Facebook group for the game.
Turbo Revving Old Punks' Discord is a bit more casual with a leaning towards Australian timezones.

How do I play online?
Transformers.cards has a more in depth guide on How to Play Online, but in short there are three ways: (1)Webcams, with players often using their mobile device as a camera. (2)Using Tabletop Simulator, a 3D simulated tabletop environment that's available through Steam. (3)OCTGN, a free 2D simulated tabletop that will run on lower-end machines.

Is there a list of who did art for what card?
We are working on adding that info to each card's page. In the mean time, Flip Flip Bang Bang has a pretty thorough list of the artists who did the WotC cards.
Website FAQs
Why do I need an account for some pages? Can't I just use the site?
While you don't need an account for most features on Transformers.cards, you will need to create an account in order to do things like tracking your collection and modifying decks you've created.

I ran into a bug on the site! Something isn't working correctly! I wish this site did [thing]! There's an error on a card!
You can report any errors, bugs, or suggestions directly to me on Discord or in my Discord server. It can be really frustrating when people run into a bug and don't report it, so PLEASE do let me know. I'm also always open to new ideas for the site, so feel free to suggest anything.

What community sets does Transformers.cards support? Can my custom cards be put on here?
Transformers.cards supports sets created by Wizards of the Coast and Allied Crossplay, and considers AC to be the closest thing to a replacement for WotC. There are no plans to add support for additional groups. Instead, if you would like to become a card creator, I would encourage you to take an active role in the community and work with other creators to get your ideas added into a future release.

How does the Battle Simulator work? Why do the results change a bit if I refresh?
The Battle Simulator starts by shuffling your deck and "flipping" the top two cards, plus additional cards equal to whatever you set the Tough/Bold to. If there's a it'll "flip" two more. It records the total list of icons flipped, and tracks how often each card was flipped. It then repeats all these steps (including the shuffling) 5,000 times and displays the likelihood of various results. That's why results can vary a bit, because it's actually simulating the battle rather than trying to mathematically estimate your odds.

I made "Actually Really Good Set of Cards", can you put it on Transformers.cards?
I have no doubt that there are other sets out there that are fantastic and fun. However, above all else this site is meant to help people. I feel being able to point and say "I know the people who made these, and I know how well they're play tested" is more helpful and easier for new/returning people than trying to list all other lesser known sets, even if they're good.

No seriously, I really want to help make cards! I have good ideas!
Then I'd suggest becoming involved in the Discord server and start by helping with play testing. Once people get to know you a bit and see that you're contributing to the game, share your card ideas and work with them to fine tune it. That'll get your cards much more traction with the public than they would if you simply posted them to Facebook or something.

To be perfectly honest though, new ideas are not the hard part of developing cards. Everyone has a ton of ideas. What is needed is people playing the game and testing those ideas. Play testers are much more important and valuable than "idea guys". So if you truly want to help, help test.