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How to Play Online
The Methods Covered Here
Webcams: Players play the game as they would if they were in person, using their actual cards and a webcam pointed at their table.

Tabletop Simulator: Purchasable through Steam, it simulates a full tabletop experience in a 3D world. The simulated physics make it a bit intuitive, as it can feel like playing with real cards.

OCTGN: A free Windows program. It feels more like a digital game with some automation, a little similar to Hearthstone or MTG Arena but without the graphical polish. Runs on lower-end systems.

Where To Find People To Play With
The Transformers TCG Discord has players of all caliber. They primarily play over Tabletop Simulator, but use OCTGN and webcams as well.
The Transformers Trading Card Game is the largest Facebook group for the game.

A Note on Etiquette Written by Brian Blair
• Remember its hard to read text for context. Try and communicate clearly but with as friendly demeanor as possible. If someone makes a mistake, it can often be because of glitches, mis-hit buttons, confusion because of the format or unfamiliarity with OCTGN.
• Friendly Communication is key. Youll see many of the same people over the months playing the game and can develop a rich international community with positive vibes.
• Its good practice to say hello and goodbye before and after your games. Win or lose,a "gg" or "Good Game", "Thanks for the game" etc. is like a handshake at the end of a match and is considered good sportsmanship.