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A quick explanation of the site's purpose, and list of team members.
An explanation of what Shanix is, and how to exchange it for items on Transformers.cards.
A list of banned cards in the Transformers TCG, as well as cards that were designed to replaced some of the banned ones.
An in-depth run down of how to properly layout a Transformers TCG card, including fonts and how to display information.
A review on what donations are used for, how to donate, and what we accept as donations.
Downloads for the Transformers TCG, including printable card sets and programs to play it online.
Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Transformers TCG, from what size of sleeves to buy to explaining how black battle icons work.
A list of various formats to use when playing the Transformers TCG, including very common ones like Full Constructed or more obscure group-play ones like Primus.
Guides to help you learn how to play the Transformers TCG.
Guides on how to play the Transformers TCG online using either webcams, OCTGN, or Tabletop Simulator.
While most all of WotC's rules remain in the current state of the Transformers TCG, there have been a few new rules added.
A quick guide for new people who which to play in tournaments ran by Transformers.cards.
A guide on how to install, setup, and use OCTGN to play the Transformers TCG online.
A guide on how to install, setup, and use Tabletop Simulator to play the Transformers TCG online.
A guide on how to setup your webcam to play the Transformers TCG online in the community Discord.
Instructions and tips on how to get your Transformers TCG cards printed, be it at home or professionally.
A small collection of pre-made Transformers TCG specifically designed for new players and teaching the game.
A detailed list of updates that have been released for waves in the Transformers TCG. A sort of "patch note" history.
A quick catchup guide to what's new to the Transformers TCG since Wave 5 and its cancelation.
An in-depth look at why community sets are important to the longevity of the Transformers TCG.