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Welcome (Back) to the Game
Are you brand new to the game? Or maybe you used to play years ago and are just now coming back. This should be able to catch you up!

I thought this game was canceled?
It's true that Wizards of the Coast officially canceled the game in 2020, but the community won't let it die. We picked up where WotC left off and have continued to develop the game since.

How do I play?
If you're new and want to learn how to play the game, then here's a link to the How to Play guide.

Looking to download and/or print these sets?
Instructions for that are right here!

Want to play online?
There's a guide for that! Then join us on Discord.

If you have any questions, join our Discord server and we'll be glad to help!
Returning Players

Here's what's new & what's changed since the WotC-era!

New Sets
There have been five sets released since Wave 5, with more being developed now.
Wave 6: World Strike (31 characters, 62 battle cards, 35 stratagems)
Wave 7: Monster Menagerie (10 characters, 20 battle cards, 16 stratagems)
Wave 8: Waste Lands (38 characters, 81 battle cards, 41 stratagems)
Wave 9: Ark Exodus (16 characters, 28 battle cards, 15 stratagems)
Wave 9A: The Shadow Emperor (2 characters, 3 battle cards)

New Rules
When battling, the pierce gained from flipped battle icons no longer persist through end of turn, only through end of battle. This brings them inline with and battle icons.

If an effect would move "any number" of damage counters from one or more characters to another, the total amount of counters moved this way cannot exceed the receiving character's remaining health. If an effect moves a fixed number of damage counters from one character to another, the number moved can exceed the receiving character's remaining health.
In short, Dinobot Sludge cannot move more counters onto than he has health remaining.

Bellicosity and End Hostilities cancel each other out.

New Factions & Keywords
Factions: Quintesson Quintesson, Junkion Junkion, Unicronian Unicronian.
Keywords: Horde, Oppress, Bandit, Drifter. (hover for explanation)

New Card Type: Rolling Actions
Rolling Actions are new type of action cards that are played tapped and face-up. They are not scrapped at the end of your turn, and untap at the start of your next turn. Once untapped, you can use their effect. Typically it involves scrapping the Rolling Action in order to gain a benefit. Take the Shot is a simple example.

New Mechanic: Stations
Stations are represented by the Station Station icon, Stations are most commonly found on characters with a ride-able alt mode. They can be occupied by other characters and give bonuses to those characters. A more in-depth explanation of Stations can be found on the page of any card with one, such as Greasestain.

A brief history
Revealed at Gen-Con on July 2018, The Transformers TCG was was released by Wizards of the Coast (WotC) on September 28th, 2018. During the game's lifespan, WotC released five waves of cards plus additional smaller sets and convention exclusives. The game was celebrated at PAX Unplugged 2019 with The Energon Invitational, the game's largest tournament with 165 players. However, on July 20, 2020, just two years after the game was first announced, it was brought to an abrupt end when WotC announced that it was canceled. The COVID-19 pandemic was cited as the primary reason for the cancellation.

The game has now been "canceled" and in the fans' hands much longer than it was in WotC's hands.

"The Transformers TCG is not dead" -Shockwave (probably)
Immediately after the game's official cancellation, members of the community decided to continue developing the game. Things were a little messy for a bit while we all found new footing, but ultimately a handful of groups came together to help each other test, refine, and polish each others' cards, all while ensuring their sets work well & feel good with each other. This group colloquially became known as Allied Crossplay.

Allied Crossplay has picked up where Wizards of the Coast left off, continuing a casual-friendly game that can also be as robust as you want it. With new factions and mechanics introduced at a slightly slower pace than WotC did, there's plenty of fun new stuff without it being overwhelming.

These aren't cards being churned out overnight with a ton of over-powered favorite characters. In fact, most of these sets have spent more time in development & play-testing than many of WotC's did. Additionally, the game's new digital life allows correcting past mistakes. If a newly released card is later found to be too over-powered or otherwise ruins the game, the team is willing to go back and release a revised version of their card to bring it in-line with the rest of the game.