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New Rules
Black Battle Icons
Each black battle icon flipped by an attacking player provides Pierce 1 to the attacking character until end of battle. This is as opposed to the previous rules as curated by Hasbro/WotC, where they provide Pierce 1 until end of turn. This removes a major inconsistency in battle icon mechanics and brings black battle icons in line with other battle icon colors. Aequitas rulings and previously-established Transformers TCG rules here are irrelevant.

Shortened: Pierce gained from flipping black battle icons only last until end of battle, rather than end of turn.

Moving Damage
If an effect would move "any number" of damage counters from one or more characters to another, the total amount of counters moved this way cannot exceed the receiving character\'s remaining health. If an effect moves a fixed number of damage counters from one character to another, the number moved can exceed the receiving character\'s remaining health

Shortened: Dinobot Sludge cannot move more damage onto him than he has health remaining.

Changing Battle Icon Colors
If one card causes battle icons to act as though they were another color, and then a second card causes them to act as though they had previously, then the two effects nullify each other and the battle icons remain their normal color.

Shortened: Bellicosity and End Hostilities cancel each other out.

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