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Participating in Tournaments
Signing Up
Participating in our tournaments does not require a lot, but there are a few small things you'll need to do.

The first is that you'll need an account here on Transformers.cards. While logged on, go to the tournament's page and there'll be a "Join Tournament" button.

After you've joined the tournament, you can select what deck you'll be using in the tournament. You can edit your deck, or even select a different one, up until the start of the tournament.

Lastly, you'll need to join the community Discord server at transformers.cards/discord. Match-ups and all other announcements are handled through the Discord server.
Most of our tournaments start with five rounds of Swiss, followed by a cut to a top 8 bracket. So, no matter how you do, plan on playing at least five matches. Each match is a best-of-three.

Due to the nature of playing over the internet, we do not enforce a time limit on games. Please don't abuse this by intentionally making your opponent wait or anything.

When playing on webcams, position your camera from a "top-down" view, and please keep your hand visible at all times. To be clear, that's your "hand" as in cards, not your hands attached to your arms.
Once the tournament starts, match ups will be posted in the #tournament-chat channel. Contact your opponent and figure out what time & day works for the two of you. Please share this day & time in the #tournament-chat channel, in case a judge wants to pop in.

Additionally, many of our players like to watch the matches, so sharing your schedule helps them know when to show up.

Typically, each round only takes two or three days before all matches are played. However, we all understand that life can happen, so if a round needs to go a bit longer that's fine.

After all matches are played in the round, the next round is posted and we do it all over again!