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Playing Online: OCTGN
Already familiar with OCTGN?
The game feed is https://www.myget.org/F/teletraan, and the game is "Transformers.cards' TFTCG Continuation". Have some o8d deck files from the old OCTGN mod? Mouse over this notice.

What is OCTGN?
OCTGN is an open source free to use 2D card game simulator. The program itself does not come with any games, instead letting people develop games for it. Think of it like a game engine for card games. It's been in development since 2005.

Isn't the Transformers TCG already on OCTGN? Why does Transformers.cards have a different version?
The TFTCG game on OCTGN (simply labeled "Transformers") has not been updated since 2020. It lacks most all community sets, has many typos and errors, and is bloated with broken functionality. More than that, its developer has publicly made it clear that he does not care for the TFTCG community. Transformers.cards's version uses the site's database for cards, ensuring its OCTGN game is always up-to-date. It is also maintained by people who still play the game and support the community.
Installing OCTGN & Starting a Game
To get setup with OCTGN, you first need to create an account with them. After your account is created, download OCTGN from their website and install it. When installation is finished, launch the game and log into it with the account you just created.

Now that you have OCTGN installed, you need to install the Transformers game. In OCTGN, click on the "Games Manager" tab. It might take a moment for the page to load once you click it.

Now click "Add Game Feed"

You can set the name to "Transformers.cards" and the feed URL is "https://www.myget.org/F/teletraan". Leave username and password blank, then click Add.

Click the Refresh button.
[image coming]

Scroll down until you see "Transformers.cards's TFTCG Continuation". Click on it, then click Install. It might take a little bit, it's a big download with all those cards!

You now have the game installed! To play a game, click "Play or Spectate" tab...

...and then click Start.
OCTGN Controls
Right-clicking on a card will give you options for what you can do with it. Cards can also be dragged around.

Beginning of Game
Load a deck: CTRL+L
Roll a D20: CTRL+R
Shuffle your deck: CTRL+S
Play all your characters: Right click on your characters and select "Play Characters".

Basic Actions
Draw 1 card: CTRL+D
Draw multiple cards: CTRL+X
Tap/Untap a card: Double-click or CTRL+E
Untap all characters: CTRL+F12
Flip a card: CTRL+F
Scrap battle card/KO character: Del
Target a card (often used to show triggers): Shift+Click a card
Clear target: Esc
Select multiple cards: CTRL+Click

Attack arrow (indicates which character is attacking who): Shift+Drag from your card to opponent's
Remove attack arrow: Esc
Flip cards for battle: CTRL+B
Note: OCTGN will automatically re-shuffle your Scrap pile if your deck runs out of cards while battling.

Assigning Damage & Tokens
Add 1 damage: F1
Remove 1 damage: SHIFT+F1
Add multiple damage: CTRL+F1
Remove multiple damage: CTRL+SHIFT+F1

Add 1 attack: F2
Remove 1 attack: SHIFT+F2
Add multiple attack: CTRL+F2
Remove multiple attack: CTRL+SHIFT+F2

Add 1 to health total: F3
Remove 1 to health total: SHIFT+F3
Add multiple to health total: CTRL+F3
Remove multiple to health total: CTRL+SHIFT+F3

Add 1 defense: F4
Remove 1 defense: SHIFT+F4
Add multiple defense: CTRL+F4
Remove multiple defense: CTRL+SHIFT+F4

Card-specific Actions
Play a Secret Action: Right-click and select "Play Face Down"
Focus: Right-click your Deck and select "Look at Top X Cards"
Major Shockwave (Wave 3): CTRL+P while the mouse is over your Deck
Nemesis Prime (Wave 1) & Lockdown (Wave 4): Right-click your Deck and select "Bottom Card Face Down"
Security Checkpoint & Electro-Optical Visor: Right-click your Hand and select Visibility

How to see other modes on a bot card
Go to Options > Unlock Card Preview. You can then mouseover a card and use the arrows on the preview to flip through the different modes.

Zoom In/Out: Mousewheel
Reset view: F10
Full screen: F11

Reset the Game
Click "Game" in the top-left.
"Reset" will remove all cards from the game, allowing you & your opponent to load a new deck.
"Soft-Reset Game" will reset all cards & decks back to how they were when they were first loaded.