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Donate to the Store
Players can use Shanix to buy items in the Shanix Store. This store is ran 100% on donations.

All donations are recorded and publicly visible, and the same goes for store purchases; you can check a players profile to see what they've donated and what they've bought. This ensures complete transparency, removing concerns that any one might be keeping donations for themselves.

When an item in the store is purchased, the member who donated the item will receive 10% of that price back in Shanix as a small token of thanks.

Donating Items
If you have an item you'd like to donate, the first step is to contact Z-R0E and discuss how you'd like to donate it.

The first option is probably exactly what you expect. You ship the item to Z-R0E and he takes care of everything from there. This is great for smaller items that aren't very expensive to ship, like cards.

The other way is for you to hold on to the item. Z-R0E will list it on the store, and when it sells Z-R0E will arrange shipping with the buyer then send you a pre-paid shipping label. The big benefit of this option is that it saves money not having to first ship the item from you to Z-R0E.

Monetary Donations
Monetary donations are accepted through PayPal. You can click here to donate!

When making a monetary donation, you can choose between two options of what it's used for. The first option is for it to go towards professionally printing new cards that will go up in the store. The other option is for it to go towards paying artists for commissioned art that will be used for making new cards.

Members who make a monetary donations will also receive some Shanix as a small thank you, at a rate of $1USD:Shanix1.