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All About Shanix
What is Shanix?
The Transformers TCG community uses Shanix as a point system/currency, and use Shanix as a graphical representation. It is used on the Transformers.cards Store to purchase real-life items, such as TFTCG cards and toys.

How to Earn Shanix
To put it simply, Shanix is earned by playing the game and helping the community. Here's a list of ways to earn Shanix.

You get Shanix25 for playing one best-of-three using our Weekly Prime Directive.

Most tournaments give Shanix to all players, regardless of how well they do. Typically, players receive Shanix100 for participating, another Shanix50 for the top cut, and yet another Shanix50 for the winner.

Donating to the store can earn you Shanix as well. When an item sells on the store, the donor gets 10% of that price added to their account.

Spending Shanix
Shanix can be spent in the store. When you purchase an item you then contact Z-R0E to arrange shipping.

Z-R0E will cover shipping costs up to $10 USD. If shipping is more than that, you will be expected to help pay for the rest.

The store is ran 100% through donations, and as such inventory will change. It's had everything from sets of professionally-printed cards, Legacy figures, and even Masterpiece Transformers.