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S2 Omega Invitational Profile: EvilGem096
June 2, 2024

We'll be posting a player interview twice a day during the lead up to the Season 2: Omega Invitational, happening on June 7th.

Tournament Statistics

First Round Opponent: Ozzy

Tournament Bracket Seed: 14

Season 2 Results: 3rd place in Encounter 5. 7th in Encounter 6.

Number of Tournaments Played: 4

Player Interview

Where are you from?
United States

When and how did you discover the Transformers TCG?
A friend asked me if I wanted to try it out one night, I said yes, and my life has never been the same since.

What was/is your favorite team to run and why?
Either Apex Galaxy, or Chromedome + Flintlock and Eyuk and Bollag

When and how did you discover the post-cancellation community?
The same friend who introduced me to the game asked me to test out some cards for Promo Omega one day, I said yes, and then heard about the people and community through that. My life has never been the same since.

Who's your favorite Transformers character and why?
Chromedome. I like his card, and also his IDW story is so sad I cant not like him.

What's your favorite card and why?
Apex Armor, its the card that got me into the competitive scene and thus has a special place in my heart.

Do you have any advice for players who want to get into the competitive scene or the TCG in general?
Dont feel intimidated by the words competitive scene. Feel free to join using whatever deck, even if it isnt meta. You may not win every game, but learning through failure as well as winning is the way of TCGs.

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