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Season 2: Omega Invitational
Questions on how we run tournaments? We have answers for you!!
Date(s): Jun 5th - Jul 6th, 2024
Format: Full Constructed
Platform: Webcams
Signup: This event has already started, signups are closed.
Event Info
The culmination of Season 2!
The Omega Invitational is the season finale for our tournaments. This is an invite-only tournament based on Season Standings, along with Season 1 returning champion, Brettasaurus.

Spectators & Where to Watch
All of our tournaments are played through our Discord server, and we welcome people to come and watch any of our matches! However, please mute your mic before joining a channel with an ongoing game.

Some matches will be livestreamed by members of the design team. When streaming, a link to their channel will appear on the front page under "Ongoing Events".

All games will be recorded, and many recordings will have commentary. These recordings will uploaded to the Transformers TCG YouTube channel, and listed here afterward.

This will be a 16 player bracket tournament, with typical Seed-1 vs Seed-16, Seed-2 vs Seed-15, etc.

It is a double elimination event, which consists of two brackets. Players compete until they lose twice, with losers from the winner's bracket falling into the loser's bracket until one winner emerges from each bracket, and ultimately face off against each other in the grand final.

While most rounds will be a Best of 3, the Winners Bracket Final, Losers Bracket Final, and Grand Final will all be Best of 5.

Allowed & Unallowed Cards
All released cards that are not on our Current Banlist are allowed, including the now-released Summon Sky Shadow!. Additionally, the following cards are being re-evaluated and are thus not allowed in this tournament; we don't want to have cards that are mid-testing in the Omega Invitational.
Allicon Eyuk
Autobot Countdown
Stuck On You
Impetuous Stand
Severed Combiner Hand

All players will receive permanent roles in the community Discord signifying that competed in the Season 2: Omega Invitational.

The top four players will receive a pack of custom Dragon Shield card sleeves featuring the Season 2: Omega Invitational art, and 150Shanix. The artwork will be revealed at a nearby later date.

The winner will receive a custom playmat featuring that artwork, emblazoned with Omega Champion, an additional 150Shanix, and a permanent role in the community Discord signifying their championship.

Deck List Due Date & Review
Deck lists must be submitted by the June 5th 2:00 PM Pacific time\*, at which point the submitted decks will be locked. Once the decks are locked, our head judge, Technomagus, will take two days to review them all and ensure legality. At that point, you can begin scheduling matches.

Stricter Webcam Rules
This is a webcam event, and because it is our big event of the season, we will be a bit stricter about rule enforcement. To that end, be sure to keep all your cards visible at all times. Try to keep your hands visible as well. While it's fine to grab a drink or something, if a disconnect or something happens while your hands are off screen, it will *really* make you look bad.

Speaking of, in the event of a disconnect it will be up to the sole discretion of the OI Mediator (see below) on how to proceed. Depending on the situation and length of the disconnection, the game might continue as-was, it might be restarted, and in certain rare situations the disconnecting person could even face a loss.

OI Mediators & Recording
Due to the premiere nature of this event, all matches will be overseen by Z-R0E\*, Hawkhammer\*, or Technomagus. In addition to supervising the match in case of problems, they will also be recording the match. Matches will either be streamed live with commentary, or uploaded later with commentary added. Essentially, they are just there to record and assist if something goes wrong.

*Note: We will not preside over our own matches.

Match Scheduling
All matches must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, and scheduled along with one of the mediators. Generally, the best way is for you & your opponent to decide on a time, and then see if one of the three mediators can make that. Between the three of us, there shouldn't be a problem. Multiple matches are not allowed at the same time. This allows people who want to watch live the ability to, and ensures a mediator is available for each match. Once matches are scheduled, they will be listed on the front page under "Ongoing Events".

Players and Brackets
Seed 1. Brettasaurus
Seed 2. Stephen Moss
Seed 3: Ozzy
Seed 4: WheelJank
Seed 5. KingNaga
Seed 6. Z-R0E
Seed 7. Hawkhammer
Seed 8. Champion
Seed 9. Vangelus
Seed 10. Sandman
Seed 11. Jihen
Seed 12. Siliag
Seed 13: ALostPenguin
Seed 14: EvilGem096
Seed 15. NanoT3ch
Seed 16. Spacewarp603

Players & Decks
Stephen Moss
Allowed Sets & Cards
Wave One
Rise of the Combiners
Siege I
Siege II
Titan Masters Attack
World Strike
Monster Menagerie
Waste Lands
Ark Exodus
Setless Cards
Unallowed Sets & Cards
Multi-Mission Gear
Peace through Tyranny
Security Checkpoint
Swap Parts
Press the Advantage
Daring Escape
Sergeant Springer
Fusion Borer
Mission Briefing
Decepticon Quake
Sky Shadow Sync
Allicon Eyuk
Autobot Countdown
Stuck On You
Impetuous Stand
Severed Combiner Hand