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The Season 2: Omega Invitational
May 29, 2024
After six Encounter tournaments, we've finally reached the conclusion of our second season of competitive tournaments. The Omega Invitational is our biggest event, inviting the top 16 players from across this season's encounters.

While the tournament itself officially kicks off on June 7th, we'll be having daily coverage until then! Starting tomorrow and for the next eight days, we'll be posting two player interviews a day who will face each other in the first round.

All matches will be either livestreamed or recorded, with match times announced at least a day in advance for those who want to watch them.

You can read more about specifics of the Omega Invitational on its page, including allowed & unallowed cards, prizes, and more.

Lastly, to help celebrate this big event, we will be releasing a new character card prior to the Grand Finals. Look forward to it!