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S2 Omega Invitational Profile: Brettasaurus
June 6, 2024

We'll be posting a player interview twice a day during the lead up to the Season 2: Omega Invitational, happening on June 7th.

Tournament Statistics

First Round Opponent: Spacewarp603

Tournament Bracket Seed: 1

Season 2 Results: None, returning champion from Season 1.

Number of Tournaments Played: 12

Player Interview

Where are you from?
[no response]

When and how did you discover the Transformers TCG?
My son wanted to buy the cards when he saw them at Target and I decided to learn the game so I could teach him how to play.

What was/is your favorite team to run and why?
Autobots - The good guys always win.

When and how did you discover the post-cancellation community?
[no response]

Whos your favorite Transformers character and why?
Optimus Prime - Hard to argue he isnt the best.

Whats your favorite card and why?
The one that wins my next game.

Do you have any advice for players who want to get into the competitive scene or the TCG in general?
Have fun, be kind and eat your vitamins.

Be sure to stay tuned for from the Season 2: Omega Invitational, with coverage beginning June 7th! In the meantime, here are all the currently released S2 Omega Invitational profiles!
Stephen Moss