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Term: Infractions Rulings
As is my understanding, the majority of infractions which occur in the Transformers TCG can easily be addressed through other resources such as the WPN Tournament rules document, but I feel there are some situations which are exclusive to the Transformers TCG. In particular, what should occur when a player forgets to draw their card at the beginning of the turn, and neither player realizes until after combat flips have occurred? Obviously not drawing a card in this instance has the possibility to be advantageous for the active player.
My second question is similar but slightly different. How does the above ruling pertain to situations when the card draw is from a triggered ability, such as Private Firedrive's attack trigger?

As long as it’s still the same turn, the player should just draw the card when the error is noticed. It usually doesn’t matter if the card they draw isn’t the card they would have drawn had they drawn at the right time. However, if the player has gained knowledge of the top card of their deck or manipulated it in some way, such as with Plan, you can back up if possible, or come to another mutually agreed upon solution, such as drawing the second card of their deck. If you’re in a tournament, a Judge should be notified as soon as the error is discovered. It doesn’t matter whether the draw is from the normal start of turn or from a triggered ability or something else.
Source: Wizards of the Coast (2019-10-25)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Infractions, Tournaments