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S2 Omega Invitational Profile: Stephen Moss
May 30, 2024

We'll be posting a player interview twice a day during the lead up to the Season 2: Omega Invitational, happening on June 7th.

Tournament Statistics

First Round Opponent: NanoT3ch

Tournament Bracket Seed: 2

Season 2 Results: 1st place in Encounters 1, 2, & 6. 5th in Encounter 3, 4, & 5.

Number of Tournaments Played: 13

Player Interview

Where are you from?
Manchester, England

When and how did you discover the Transformers TCG?
I think wave 3 had just been released. A friend sent a link to the starter pack which was on sale. I watched some tutorial videos and played over Christmas with my sons. This quickly snowballed into just a couple of booster packs turning into box sets and booster boxes. This being the first card game Id played it really did escalate quickly.

What was/is your favorite team to run and why?
A rotating carousel of 5 star characters: Brawn, Arcee, Motormaster, Crasher, Eyuk, Flamewar, Nightracer, Aronik etc. I enjoy the versatility and that from one game to another some characters will be redundant while others vital. It also means Ive got a fighting chance against very different decks.

When and how did you discover the post-cancellation community?
I really liked how the Ark cards felt like a natural progression of the game. I spent days getting them printed up and cut out and played in an online tournament. Once lockdown lifted getting a game online felt harder to come by and, with a lot of competing groups releasing cards, I drifted away from it for a while. I rediscovered it by chance when the first Omega Invitational was underway. I was unaware of the cool new waves released but got back into watching the matches on YouTube and, massively important, won some cards during the competition (Thanks). This led to me joining the discord channel and playing in a two lwosers casual competition. This gave me the confidence to join in the competitive tournaments.

Who's your favorite Transformers character and why?
Huffer. He was the first Transformers character I got when I was four years old from my parents. He was also the first Masterpiece figure I bought as an adult which got me back into Transformers (Figures, Comics, Cartoons and Card Game).

What's your favorite card and why?
Wave 1 Kup. It was the first character I pulled in a booster pack and once I learnt his reputation of being terrible I warmed to it even more. During my first Two Lwosers competition I somehow managed to get his Whos Next? stratagem going while having three Cargo Trailers and a Master Sword attached!

Do you have any advice for players who want to get into the competitive scene or the TCG in general?
Join the discord server, make fun decks and lose over and over again, jump into the casual tournaments, watch lots of gameplay videos (Servants of the Dice Gods, Blues on Attack, Wreckn Rule, Energonhustlers, Powered by Primus) and ask questions if unsure of anything. This is one of the friendliest and helpful communities I know and at the end of the day we play in these nerve racking, high stakes games for fun!

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