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Term: Factions Rulings
How does Soldier's Blaster (and similar cards) work when interacting with a character who is both an Autobot and a Decepticon?

Different faction means "does not share a faction identity." For a character which is both an Autobot and a Decepticon, "not sharing a faction identity" means NOT Autobot and NOT Decepticon. Currently, this leaves Mercenary as the only different faction.

An important rule to remember: card requirements are inclusive, not exclusive. For example, you can put a card which says "Put only on a CAR." on a character which is RANGED and CAR.
Source: Wizards of the Coast (2020-06-10)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Soldier's Blaster, Factions
Characters like Optimus Prime, Dark Awakening belong to multiple factions at once - Autobot and Quintesson. Characters with multiple factions will not allow for card effects that require only one faction to be on your starting team to be used. However, characters with more than one faction may qualify to use certain upgrades that require one of those factions.

For example, if Optimus Prime, Dark Awakening (Autobot/Quintesson) is on your starting team, you cannot use Heroic Spotlight to include 2 ★ worth of blue cards in your deck.

For battle cards like Confidence that requires your starting team to be only Autobots would not work in this example. You could draw 2 cards, then scrap 2 cards, but you would not get to play another action.

Additionally, both Armada, Herald of Shrouds (Decepticon/Unicronian) and Decepticon Exhaust (Decepticon/Mercenary) would be able to use a Scoundrels Blaster.
Source: Aequitas (2020-11-24)    【Link to Ruling】
Tags: Factions