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Weekly Prime Directive
You can view the Weekly Prime Directive sort of as a weekly challenge. Each week there will be some kind of deck-building gimmick. Something to help encourage players to build a deck they normally wouldn't build.

If you play a best-of-three using a deck built with that Prime Directive, and you report it, you will earn Shanix25.

The Weekly Prime directive ends each Sunday night, with a new one following suit the morning after.

Note: It only matters what deck YOU are using to get the Shanix. If your opponent chooses to play a normal deck, that's fine it just means they won't get the Shanix.

Here are some examples of Prime Directives.

Casual Play
Typically every-other-weekend, this is by far our most common theme. Put away your meta tournament decks, and play something more casual-friendly. This is a good opportunity to test a deck you just put together and want to see how it runs, or to try a deck you've been curious about.

All Hail __________
Make a deck with the given character as the highest star character in your deck. For example, "All Hail Megatron" would require any Megatron in your deck, with all other characters having a lower star value than he does.

Spotlight _______
We put the spotlight on a community member, and play with decks they made and/or make new decks using some of their favorite cards.

Cards of the Week
Take the last seven Cards of the Day and try to make a deck with them all. Normal deck building rules apply, so if it'd be more than 25★ you can drop a character to make it fit. All battle cards should be in your deck as a three-of.
Weekly Prime Disarray
Some weeks, instead of a Prime Directive there will be a Prime Disarray. A Directive effects how you build your deck, but a Disarray effects how you play the game. Here are a few examples.